BeWater & TurTur: The Network 3.0 Collaboration Team

As of first of Januari 2016 BeWater and TurTur started to work together. We define ourselves as a network 3.0 collaboration team. We follow the lean startup philosophy and employ agile tools. From a network of preferred suppliers we compile a team for a project to get the job done. We use open source technologies and create transparant reusable code.


Harald Ronge

+31 (0)6 52450978


Eric van Riet Paap

+31 (0)6 290 155 78

Partners in design

We are coders. For all the design stuff Gagado and pnina-design are our preferred suppliers.

floor massee
Floor Massee
dick van aalst
Dick van Aalst


Mobile coaching applications
Knowledge and network applications
Real time sharing apps to trigger immediate responses
Solutions: we offer a broad range of IT support for innovation trajectories bundling our extensive set of knowledge. From creative advice to design and implemented solutions.
Design and implement games for fun
Websites if needed.


Meteor apps
WordPress sites
Database solutions
Unity games

    and every combination of the above

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